Town Talk


Town Talk- Oct. 31

Central Rappahannock Regional Library.  Branch Services Coordinator Joy McIntire and Library Director Martha Hutzel.   Topics include Idea Space for Making and Media, Pepper the Robot and ...Read more

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Town Talk- Oct. 25

Rappahannock Area Health District.  The WIC program.   Amanda Henson and Alexis Burton.   ...Read more

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Town Talk- Oct. 29

The Fredericksburg Salvation Army needs to find warehouse space for Toyland. Captain Stephan Wildish explains.   ...Read more

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Town Talk- Oct. 28

Fredericksburg Mayor Mary Katherine Greenlaw announces she’s seeking re-election in the May 5th City Council election.  Mayor Greenlaw is currently serving her second four-year term as ...Read more

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Town Talk: Oct 23

Jazz for Justice–Nov. 2nd at UMW.     Doug Gately, Hailey Amick, Katerina Vollten and Joel Young.  An evening to raise money for Legal Aid Works and jazz department ...Read more

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Town Talk- Oct. 24

Stafford Schools. Superintendent Dr. Scott Kizner and Director of Strategic Communications and Community Engagement Sherrie Johnson about increased compensation for school bus drivers, a Listening ...Read more

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Town Talk- Oct. 22

There’s a Reconstructive and Experimental Archaeology Conference Conference Friday at UMW and ArchaeoFest Saturday at George Washington’s Ferry Farm in Stafford.  Previews by Dr. ...Read more

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Town Talk- Oct 21

Preview Spotsylvania County Schools Rock Out, Knock Out Homelessness.  Drop off donations to support economically disadvantaged students and their families.   Friday October 25 from 1-4 and ...Read more

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Town Talk- Oct 18

Dr. Blair Ryland with Mary Washington Pediatrics.  Dr. Ryland has a gymnastics background. We talk about how that translates into caring for kids and wanting to see kids physically ...Read more

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Town Talk- October 17

Rappahannock Area Health District Epidemiologist Nicole Sullivan and Health District Director Dr. Brooke Rossheim talk about how they monitor sickness and disease in the region.   ...Read more

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