Town Talk


Town Talk- June 14

Using the outdoors around us. Staying safe and using it responsibly.   From River Rock Outfitter on Sophia Street:  Meegana Henry, Keith Peterson, April Peterson.  ...Read more

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Town Talk- June 13

City Councilman Matt Kelly explains his lone vote against moving the slave auction block to the Fredericksburg Area Museum. Councilman Kelly also talks about area transportation and announces plans ...Read more

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Town Talk- June 12

Patrick Ahearn with The Riverside Center for the Performing Arts in Stafford. Wide ranging conversation about the current production (The Pirates of Penzance or the Rascals of the Rappahannock). ...Read more

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Town Talk- June 11

The Fredericksburg Fredanthropist program.   Bill Freehling and Clint Manning talk about businesses and individuals funding “wants” not in City Council’s budget.  This year ...Read more

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Town Talk- June 10

Virginia Railway Express CEO Doug Allen. Six Metro stations south of National Airport are closed for the summer.   VRE may provide you with relief.  Updates on a new long bridge, a new rail ...Read more

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Town Talk- June 7

Sounds of Summer returns to Market Square and the Fredericksburg Area Museum.  Melanie Johnson and Sara Poore.       ...Read more

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Town Talk- June 6

Dr. Arun Singh Chhabra-Medical Director and Staff Neurologist with the Mary Washington Hospital Primary Stroke Center.  We talk about the risk factors and treatment for strokes in the region.    ...Read more

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Town Talk- June 5

Talking about history. Volunteering with history.  Scott Walker and John Hennessy with an extended discussion about it. Also-a preview of History at Sunset.       ...Read more

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Town Talk- June 4

Andie McConnell with the Fairy Godmother Project.  Giving Day is June 5.  It helps fund things like paying bills for families twice a year and gift cards.   ...Read more

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Town Talk- June 3

Cooking Autism.  More schools–some outside of Stafford–involved.  A $1000 teacher scholarship available.  April Burch and Kari George.   ...Read more

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