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Kelly Hannon/VDOT-Friday Snow. Saturday ice

VDOT’s Kelly Hannon on snow totals in the region Friday morning.  Ice the next concern on Saturday.   ...Read more

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Kelly Hannon/VDOT

VDOT’s Kelly Hannon on how VDOT is preparing for snow and ice…and as drivers we need to prepare. ...Read more

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Central Rappahannock Regional Library/Darcie Caswell

Central Rappahannock Regional Library Youth Services Coordinator Darcie Caswell with an update on cubside pickup. the Adult Reading Challenge, the 2021 Reading Challenge and other happenings at the ...Read more

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Richard Lewelling/The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel’s Richard Lewelling talks about a week of changing forecasts in the region. And he looks ahead to an icy weekend.   ...Read more

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Town Talk: Pat Holland/Healthy Generations Area on Aging

Healthy Generations Area on Aging Executive Director Pat Holland talks about their work with senior citizens in a time of COVID-19.  Info on Senior Cafe’s–closed now, and how you can ...Read more

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Town Talk: MWHC Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program

Nicole Hinkle-Klaus and Shari Deneke with Mary Washington Healthcare talk about the programs and work of Mary Washington Healthcare Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation.  Also talk about how to ...Read more

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Town Talk: John Holden/Stafford Economic Development and Tourism

Stafford Economic Development and Tourism Director John Holden talks about the Stafford Cares Restaurant program (gift cards to families in need)  and the opportunity for restaurants to join the ...Read more

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Town Talk: Rappahannock Adult Activities/Valentine’s Day and Plant sales

Andy Lynn and Alexis Fox with Rappahannock Adult Activities on Valentine’s Day and the earlier spring sale.  Flowers for Valentine’s Day sold this week. ...Read more

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VDOT’s Kelly Hannon: Black ice an issue early Monday

Kelly Hannon tells us be careful before some non-treated roads have a chance to thaw this morning. ...Read more

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Kelly Hannon: VDOT readies for another Sunday storm

We talk with VDOT’s Kelly Hannon as VDOT prepares for heavy snow in a short amount of time.  She says run your errands on Saturday.   Snow predicted Sunday morning.   ...Read more

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