Town Talk


Town Talk-Oct 17

Patrick Ahearn and Nancy Kamel talk about the Conference/Event Center side to the Riverside Center for the Performing Arts. ...Read more

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Town Talk-October 14

1st Sgt Shaun Jones and Deputy Bill Lee talk about upcoming Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office events: Sheriff’s Safety Day, Drug Take Back, Tip-A-Cop, Trunk or Treat and Operation Blue ...Read more

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Town Talk-October 13

Dr. Kay Blanchard with Surgical Associates of Fredericksburg talks about breast cancer. ...Read more

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Town Talk-October 12

Linda Silk Sviland and Sue Henderson preview the Artisan Trail of Virginia. ...Read more

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Town Talk-October 12

Linda Silk Sviland and Sue Henderson talk about 2016 Restaurant Week in Stafford. ...Read more

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Town Talk-October 11

Amanda Blalock and Michelle Swisher preview Rock Out, Knock Out Homelessness on the 14th and 15th. ...Read more

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Town Talk-October 10

The Greater Fredericksburg Habitat for Humanity. Jason Tickle and Tom Carlson. ...Read more

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Town Talk-October 7

Anne Little and Steve Watkins talk about Tree Fredericksburg. How and why they plant. Their history and plans for the future. ...Read more

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Town Talk-October 6

Anna Billingsley and Lisa Crittenden with Loisann’s Hope House on Lafayette Blvd. ...Read more

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Town Talk-October 5

Grapes and Grains Trail. Tim Bornholtz, Stan Johnson and Cindy Causey. ...Read more

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