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Town Talk: Central Rappahannock Regional Library

Joy McIntire and Jenny McGee talked about Library on the Go, Idea Space Presents, Privacy Pods and Winter Reading. ...Read more

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Town Talk: Techs in the Burg

Dave the Computer Guy talks about multi-factor authentication, vpn, password manager and the dark web. ...Read more

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Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center getting ready to open a new standalone ER

A new stand-alone emergency room is scheduled to open Monday in Spotsylvania on Route 3 at the intersection with Chancellor Village Lane and Single Oak Road.   Spotsylvania Regional Medical ...Read more

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Town Talk: The local housing economy

Marc Simes with Tricord Homes, Scott Hine with Union Home Mortgage, Kim McClellan with the Fredericksburg Association of Realtors and Carol Sondrini with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services on whether ...Read more

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Town Talk: Patawomeck Museum and Cultural Center

Brad Hatch and Price Jett talk about the history of Patawomeck Tribe in Virginia and the soon-to-open Museum and Cultural Center in South Stafford. ...Read more

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Dave the Computer Guy-Scams

Dave the Computer Guy with Techs in the Burg on Lafayette Blvd says computer scams have become an epidemic.  He talks about ways you can fight back. ...Read more

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Dr. Schatz: Damar Hamilin shows the importance of being CPR-trained

Dr. Aaron Schatz with Mary Washington Cardiology says take a CPR class.  YOU could save a life. ...Read more

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Town Talk: Mary Washington Cardiology

Dr. Aaron Schatz talks about the importance of CPR training.   We talk about signs of a heart attack and heart failure. Signs of A-fib?  What can I do to lessen the risk of heart attack? ...Read more

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Town Talk: George Washington Foundation

Dave Muraca and Ann Waters preview President’s Day at Ferry Farm–it’s 10-3. Celebrating George Washington’s 291st birthday.    Ticket info here     ...Read more

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Former Spotsylvania resident in latest Left Behind movie

Greg Perrow plays a reporter in Left Behind:  Rise of the Anti-Christ   ...Read more

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