Town Talk


Town Talk-April 24, 2017

La’Tanja Moragne, Kathy Anderson and Susan Sigmon talk about Empowerhouse in King George. ...Read more

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Town Talk-April 19

Belmont-Gari Melchers Home and Studio in Stafford. David Berreth and Meghan Pcsolyar. ...Read more

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Town Talk-April 20, 2017

Christie Hoerneman and Craig Graziano with the Central Rappahannock Regional Library on CRRL Con, Maker Labs and Children’s Book Week. ...Read more

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Town Talk-April 21, 2017

6 -year old Ethan and his mom Liz Balough from Stafford and Tara Gagnon with JDRF in Richmond talk about T1D and the upcoming fundraising walk/run in Fredericksburg. ...Read more

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Town Talk-April 18, 2017

Fred Wellman and D-D Lecky. Fredericksburg Main Street. Exciting things happening and how not be become mummified! ...Read more

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Town Talk-April 17, 2017

Jennifer Taylor previews the Great Train Race on May 7th. ...Read more

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Town Talk-April 14, 2017

Ceili Leahy Service Scholarship and Day of Service. Leslie Leahy, John Leahy, Katie Hornung and Marci Catlett. ...Read more

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Town Talk-April 13, 2017

Becky Skebo-Emergency Communications Manager in Spotsylvania and Melissa Wood-9-1-1 Center Manager in Fredericksburg on Telecommunications Week. 9-1-1 Guidelines, the work of a telecommunications ...Read more

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Town Talk-April 12, 2017

Bryan Hoffman and Woodie Walker with Friends of the Rappahannock talk about Friends of the Rappahannock ranked #5 on the list of America’s Most Endangered Rivers. ...Read more

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Town Talk-April 10-2017

Sunshine Baseball League-Preview and Call to Action. First segment: City Councilman Chuck Frye and Brandon Katz Rest of Show: Sunshine Baseball League with Mike Zitz, Fred Jerman, Ken Rigby and ...Read more

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