Town Talk


Town Talk: Via Colori-Stafford

Sue Henderson previews Via Colori. This year at the Stafford Airport. ...Read more

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Town Talk: Stafford Education Foundation

Stephanie Johnson and Chandra Gore talk about the close relationship between the Foundation and Stafford Schools.   Updates on ways you can get involved financially thru the Model UN in Stafford, ...Read more

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Town Talk: Riverside Center for the Performing Arts

Adrianne Hick (Francesca Johnson) and Andrew Foote (Robert Kincaid) are married in real life and are in the cast of “The Bridges of Madison County” thru November 12th.  ...Read more

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Town Talk: Rappahannock Adult Activities

Katie Lafleur and Alexis Fox with Rappahannock Adult Activities talk about the Fall Plant Sale.  Two ways to get them–the Tree and Shrub Sale on the 23rd at FredNats Stadium or at 750 Kings ...Read more

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Town Talk: Rappahannock Community College

Rappahannock Community College President Dr. Shannon Kennedy.  An update on their expanding programs.  A school in rural Virginia that is impacting the Commonwealth. ...Read more

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Town Talk: Brain Aneurysm Awareness

Austen’s Communitas 5k Walk is September 23 in Fredericksburg at Memorial Park.   Austen Dunn died of a brain aneurysm.   Ashley Rakes and Stacy Horner-Dunn talk about Austen, aneurysm ...Read more

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Town Talk: Baron Braswell Race Against Teen Violence

Spotsylvania Deputy Margarita Figueroa and Gwen Martinez talk about the issue of bullying, teen violence and gangs and how parents can monitor it and discuss it with their kids.   The annual race ...Read more

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Town Talk: American Red Cross Blood Services

Alexis Innis with the Red Cross says 63% of the population is eligible give but only 3% of that do donate blood.   She says if everyone eligible gave once a year there wouldn’t be any ...Read more

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Town Talk: Widewater State Park

Park Manager Paul Anderson talks about the new paddle craft launch, what the park will look like when all three phases are achieved, Trail Quest and Paddle Quest and how the park benefits the ...Read more

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Town Talk: Spotsylvania Crime Solvers

Deputy Margarita Figueroa and Crime Solvers President Jim Reid talk about the importance of the program–helping the sheriff’s office, creating a safer community.   It’s easy and ...Read more

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