Town Talk


Town Talk: UMW Museums

Executive Director Scott Harris talks about upcoming events at Gari Melcher’s Home and Studio at Belmont and the James Monroe Museum.   Also–the importance of becoming a ...Read more

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Town Talk Riverside Center for the Performing Arts/Ragtime

Adrianne Hick, Nicole Vanessa Ortiz and Jacquez Linder-Long from Ragtime-the Musical. The show runs thru May 7th.   It follows three stories in the early 20th century. ...Read more

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Town Talk: Rappahannock United Way

Janel Donohue with information on a new ALICE report, Prosper Mentoring for Women begins next month and a Corporate Day of Action in June.   ...Read more

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Town Talk: Mary Washington Healthcare

Colorectal Surgeon Dr. Ayana Chase Graves talks about the importance of regular colonoscopies–starting at age 45–in most cases.  We talk about the prep and lifestyle choices. ...Read more

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Town Talk: Battle of Chancellorsville anniversary

Pete Maugle and Mary O’Neill with the Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park preview events taking place May 1-3 and May 5-7th to mark the 160th anniversary of the Battle of ...Read more

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Town Talk: Historic Garden Week 2023

Erma Baker, Betsy Sale and Lana King from The Rappahannock Valley Garden Club.  Historic Garden Week in Virginia comes to the region April 18th. It’s in King George this year.   Details ...Read more

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Town Talk: Rappahannock Area Health District

Rappahannock Area Health District: Allison Balmes John, Health District Director Dr. Obasanjo and Erin Perkins talk about the next pandemic, the importance of public health and building a mobile ...Read more

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Town Talk: Discover Stafford Scavenger Hunt

Tracy McPeck and Ann McDuffie with the Central Rappahannock Regional Library and Sue Henderson with the Stafford Museum talk about the scavenger hunt with 30 locations around the county. ...Read more

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Town Talk: Elevate FXBG

Barbara Gustavson and Janel Donohue preview the event on April 19th that focuses on building stronger resilience, as well as mental and emotional wellness in our lives and in the workplace.  ...Read more

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Town Talk: Virginia Renaissance Faire

Cornelia Rutherford, “R,” and Jim Miller preview the Faire May 13-June 11 on weekends.  The theme is “Exploration.” ...Read more

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