Town Talk


Town Talk-March 15

Lisa Biever and Casey Hu with the Community Foundation preview the Community Give on May 3 ...Read more

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Town Talk-March 14

Woodie Walker and Bryan Hofman with Friends of the Rappahannock. ...Read more

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Town Talk-March 11

Sean Halsey and Dan Sandoval with the Fredericksburg Area Builders Association. ...Read more

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Town Talk-March 10

Germanna Community College’s Mike Morgan and Cheryl Huff talk about ESL and Open Educational Resources. ...Read more

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Town Talk-March 9

Pam Garrett with Safe Harbor Child Advocacy Center. ...Read more

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Town Talk-March 8

Mike Keys and Scott Mayausky with the Stafford Commissioner of Revenue Office. ...Read more

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Town Talk-March 7

Scott Harris with the James Monroe Museum on Charles Street in Fredericksburg. ...Read more

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Town Talk-March 4

Matt Doyle, Ryan Davis, Tim Doyle and Rick Jeffrey (by phone) previewed the Special Olympics VA basketball championships in Stafford March 18-19 in Stafford. ...Read more

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Town Talk-March 3

Cornelia Rutherford previews the Virginia Renaissance Faire and talks about upcoming auditions. ...Read more

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Town Talk-March 2

Curry Roberts of the Fredericksburg Regional Alliance at the University of Mary Washington talks about their work, a study on who commutes from the region and transportation challenges. ...Read more

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