Town Talk


Town Talk-April 4

John Hennessy–Chief Historian Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park. Volunteering at Chatham or around the park, Fit History Hikes, discovering something new at historical ...Read more

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Town Talk-April 3

Terry Dougherty with the Spotsylvania County Museum. What will you see/learn? What are they still looking for? The future.. ...Read more

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Town Talk-April 2

Anne Little talks about bluebirds and her involvement in establishing the Virginia Bluebird Society. ...Read more

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Town Talk-March 30

Life Walk is coming to Fredericksburg and Old Mill Park on April 14th. Kristen Shlee with Bethany Christian Services, Elena Doyle and Kathleen Wilson with Mary’s Shelter and Laura Echevarria ...Read more

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Town Talk-March 29

Central Rappahannock Regional Library: Poetry, Week of the Young Child, Porter Kite Exhibit and Kanopy with Christie Hoerneman and Darcie Caswell. ...Read more

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Town Talk-March 28

Breast Microseed Treatment offered at Mary Washington Healthcare. Patient Elaine Morgan and Dr. Kay Blanchard. ...Read more

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Town Talk-March 27

Cybersecurity & educational training available at Germanna Community College. Diana Merkel, Sharon Williams and Tom Gallagher. ...Read more

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Town Talk-March 26

Sunshine Baseball League: Preview. Ben Onguene, Jim Toler, Mike Zitz, Fred Jerman, City Councilman Chuck Frye, Dennis Rapkins. ...Read more

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Town Talk-March 23

Previewing the spring 2018 Ceili Leahy Day of Service on April 28th in Fredericksburg with Katie Hornung, Leslie Leahy and John Leahy. ...Read more

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Town Talk-March 22

Jim Hall–author of “The Last Lynching in Northern Virginia: Seeking Truth at Rattlesnake Mountain.” A look at a 1932 incident in Fauquier County. ...Read more

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