Town Talk


Town Talk-September 2

Stafford Marketing Manager MC Moncure and Rick Miller with the 47th VA talk about Yankees in Falmouth (and Confederates too) on September 12-13. ...Read more

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Town Talk-September 1

Andie McConnell and Ceili talk about the Fairy Godmother Project. Ceili talks about her cancer treatment and a decision she’s made about future treatment. ...Read more

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Town Talk-August 31

Amy Bayne, Susan Carter Morgan and Elizabeth Seaver discuss Water Street Writing and Arts Studio and the Fredericksburg Literary Review. ...Read more

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Town Talk-August 27

Doug Elliot with the Germanna Foundation, Matt Thomas with Kybecca, Joy Crump with Foode and Mercantile and Teri McNally with the GCC Board discussed the Germanna Education Foundation and the ...Read more

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Town Talk-August 26

Safe Harbor Child Advocacy Center Executive Director Pam Garrett talks about their work to get the story on child abouse AND to provide healing to children impacted. ...Read more

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Town Talk-August 25

Spotsylvania School Board member Amanda Blalock and Board chairwoman Dawn Shelley talk about getting your kids ready for school. ...Read more

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Town Talk-August 20

Spotsylvania School Board member Amanda Blalock and Dr. Richard Fortunato with Surgical Associates of Fredericksburg talk about colon cancer and regular check-ups. ...Read more

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