Town Talk


Town Talk-June 18

Preview of Midnight Madness-basketball & other summer Parks, Recreation and Events and City Police events for families and kids in Fredericksburg. Jillian Franklin, Jane Shelhorse and Captain ...Read more

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Town Talk-June 15, 2018

Stafford Delegate Bob Thomas talks about his first year in the General Assembly representing the 28th District. Topics include: Medicaid expansion, transportation and taking local elected ...Read more

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Town Talk-June 15

Leslie Kash and Gwen Braswell-Nash. Getting in shape for the 13th annual Baron Braswell Run/Walk Against Teen Violence Leslie Kash talks about the Fredericksburg Area Running club and the training ...Read more

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Town Talk-June 13, 2018

Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park Chief Historian John Hennessy: History at Sunset–a preview. Discussion on confederate monuments and the slave block in downtown ...Read more

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Town Talk-June 12, 2018

Stafford Soccer. An update on summer camps, adult leagues and the World Cup. ...Read more

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Town Talk-June 11, 2018

1st District Congressman Rob Wittman talks about North Korea, cancelling summer recess if there’s no budget, rural broadband and changes in education. ...Read more

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Town Talk-June 8

It’s Brain Awareness Month and June 21st is the Longest Day. Alzheimer’s and the 10 warning signs. Linda George with Cardinal Village, Lori Myers with the local office of the ...Read more

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Town Talk-June 7, 2018

Spotsylvania School Superintendent Dr. Scott Baker talks about graduation, starting school earlier and issues before a growing county. ...Read more

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Town Talk-June 6

Historic Kenmore and Ferry Farm update with Alma Withers and Meghan Budinger. ...Read more

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Town Talk-June 5, 2018

Sophia Street Pottery Throwdown preview with Kevin Rodrigue and Trista Chapman. June 9th-10-5. 1100 block of Sophia Street between Amelia and Lewis. ...Read more

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