May is National Foster Care Month

Unlock the Power to Change a Life: Foster Care Month at UMFS

In a community where interest in becoming a foster parent is dwindling, you can make a difference. UMFS, a beacon of hope for children and families across Virginia, reveals a concerning trend: a staggering 40% decrease in prospective parents stepping forward since 2020. But amidst this decline, there’s an opportunity for change.

As National Foster Care Month approaches, UMFS invites you to be part of the solution. Join us for virtual information sessions designed to shed light on the fostering journey. Together, let’s defy the downward trend and ignite a movement of compassion and care.

Why Foster Care Matters

Across the nation, the need for foster homes is critical. In 2023 alone, over half of U.S. states witnessed a drop in licensed foster homes. In Virginia, there are nearly 5,100 children and teens in foster care, with nearly 250 of those youth in the Fredericksburg community. This May, as we observe National Foster Care Month, UMFS stands at the forefront, advocating for change and urging individuals like you to consider fostering.

Your Path to Making a Difference

Becoming a foster parent starts with knowledge. Attend our virtual info sessions, led by dedicated UMFS staff. Discover what it takes to provide stability and love to children and teens who need it most. Gain insights into the fostering process, understand the qualities that create a strong match, and learn how you can be the anchor in a young person’s life.

Empowering Families, Transforming Lives

At UMFS, our mission is clear: to serve the underserved and empower families. But we can’t do it alone. We need compassionate individuals and families from all walks of life to open their hearts and homes to children and teens in need. With UMFS, you’ll never be without support. Our comprehensive training, mostly conducted online, equips you for the rewarding journey of fostering.

Take the First Step

The time to act is now. Attend an info session, share the opportunity with your network, and become a beacon of hope for Virginia’s youth. Together, we can ensure that every child has the chance to thrive in the communities they know and love.

Join Us Today

Ready to embark on a journey of compassion and care? Visit to learn more about becoming a foster parent and to register for an upcoming virtual information session.

About UMFS

Since 1900, UMFS has been a steadfast support system for children, teens, and families facing behavioral, emotional, and mental health challenges. With a wide range of programs spanning treatment foster care to residential treatment, UMFS impacts the lives of nearly 13,775 individuals across Virginia. Our belief is simple: children and teens flourish when they’re surrounded by families. That’s why we offer 18 specialized programs focused on family creation and preservation. Join us in creating brighter futures for Virginia’s youth.

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  • In Fredericksburg, there are nearly 250 children and teens in foster care who need a safe space to heal.
  • Parenting experience is not a prerequisite to fostering a child with UMFS.
  • Whether you’re single, married, or in a committed relationship, you can still become a foster parent.
  • You will not be in this alone. You are a part of a village of foster parents and expert staff that provide on-call support 24/7, 10 paid respite days for each child, support groups once a month, and ongoing support from Resource Parent Trainers.