City Council Starting Process of Making A Pitch For Big VA Clinic

(Fredericksburg)- Fredericksburg City Council has started the process to bringing the largest outpatient VA clinic in the county to the Hylton property–90 acres of undeveloped land east of I-9–that near Route 3 and Cowan Blvd. The City must rezone the land and build a road connecting Cowan Blvd to Route 3. Mayor Mary Katherine Greenlaw says this is a huge opportunity. She told council, “This is truly a once in a lifetime if not two lifetime opportunities,” she said. She says the project will provide family sustaining incomes. “We would be very remiss not to make every effort to obtain this. We have a very good shot at it because we have an excellent location, ” she said. Council took the first of two votes on the rezoning. The VA is expected to choose a site by the end of the year.