Social Media Helps Stafford Nab Suspect

vape1(Stafford)- Caught with the help of social media!

Early this month the Stafford Sheriff’s Office released information about a robbery and assault at the Genesis Vape Shop on Plantation Drive. There were three assailants involved in the incident. Two of the suspects were arrested a few hours after the crime was committed. The last suspect, 27-year old Christopher Woolfolk, Sr., was apprehended on Monday.

Woolfolk was identified by a former acquaintance who saw his photo on Stafford Sheriff’s Office social media post and contacted the office with information. Once identified, the Police Department in Fredericksburg recognized the suspect and arrested him on Charles Street, at his grandmother’s residence. During his interview with Stafford Det. Ed McCullough, he confessed to being the person pictured in the robbery and assault photo.

Woolfolk is in the Rappahannock Regional facing a bunch of charges.