Searching For Man Who Showed Gun At McDonald’s

mcdonalds(Fredericksburg)- Fredericksburg Police are working to identify a man accused of waving a gun at a McDonald’s drive-thru worker. City Police have released a photo of the man involved in the Tuesday night incident at the McDonald’s on Route 1 near UMW. It all started, police said, when the man tried to place an order and a woman in the car started talking too.

Natatia Bledsoe with the City P-D tells us: “The employee asked thru the intercom that only one person talk at a time so he could hear the order. The order gets placed and [the suspect] drives around to the next window where the money is exchanged. He says something to the employee that indicates he didn’t like what the employee said to him over the intercom, the employee says something back trying to mitigate the situation, and then [the suspect] pulls out a handgun and waves it around in a threatening manner.”

The girl in the car got upset with the suspect, got out the car and stormed off across the parking lot, police said. The suspect drove off after her and without his food. He was last seen in a silver Toyota with a possible partial tag of 7915.

Police described the suspect as a black male in his mid 20s. He wore a black baseball cap and had a small goatee. Anyone with information is asked to call the Fredericksburg Police Department at 540-373-3122.