Two Die In Fredericksburg Stabbing

Fredericksburg Police continue to investigate the fatal stabbing of two people in the Greenbrier Shopping Center between Jay’s and Cookout. City P-D spokeswoman Natatia Bledsoe tells us police were on the scene when a fight broke out about 2:10am. “It’s standard practice for us to be in the vicinity when bars are closing, as a proactive measure against drunk driving, disturbances, etc,” she said.

It’s unknown where the victims were before the fight, or if both the victims and the assailants had any prior contact before the fight.

Bledsoe tells us: “The parking lot was full of people, as both businesses close at 2am. It’s unclear how many people were actively fighting, as people scattered quickly as police moved in. Other than the stabbing victims, there are others who reported being assaulted less severely. It appears that approximately a dozen people were involved in the fight itself.”

Police say the surviving stabbing victim has injuries that are not life-threatening.

City Police have not identified a suspect or suspects. They are looking for anyone who might have cell phone video or images of the fight or other images from earlier in the evening at Jay’s or The Cookout. Bledsoe said “they may not be aware that the fight turned deadly, so they might not know how important those images are.”

Anyone with information should contact Police immediately. The lead investigator is Detective Alexandra Cameron, at 540-809-6987.