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Local Man Scammed Out of Over $26K

The Stafford Sheriff's Office says a county man was scammed out of over 26-thousand dollars by a man who convinced him he had won a 2.5 million dollars sweepstakes. Authorities say the victim--in his 60's--received a call saying he would receive an initial payment of 38-thousand dollars. But first he would have to pay 7-thousand dollars in taxes. Police say the victim believed several stories and had money sent to Florida at least five different times before finally contacting the sheriff's office.

Vacationing - Be Careful How Much You Put on Social Media

Vacation time means your home or apartment will likely be vacant some of the time. Spotsylvania Sheriff Roger Harris says be careful how much you talk about your upcoming trip on social media. “I would not say I'm leaving Friday at 4 and coming back on a certain date. It's such an opportunity for thieves," he said. Sheriff Harris said post pictures after you have returned home. He said be careful about how much of your life you make public.