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Commit to Be Fit

January is Commit To Be Fit Month

If your New Year's resolution is to get fit and improve your looks, the task may be daunting. Fortunately, getting fit is not as difficult as it seems when you have a plan and a support system to help you in your journey.

Set Reachable Goals
Choose an obtainable goal. Rather than planning to lose 25 pounds, set smaller goals that are more obtainable, such as losing 5 pounds every two weeks. This keeps you on track and prevents you from being overwhelmed by the loftier goal.

Keep Records 
Recording calories consumed and exercise helps you keep track of your progress. People who keep a daily record of foods lose about twice as much as those who record food intake one day a week or less. Keep your record with you at meal time and focus on the portion size of your meals.

Workout Buddy
Get a fitness partner. It is often easier to stay motivated when you work out with a partner. Keeping track of caloric intake and exercise with a partner keeps you accountable for what you eat and how often you exercise. According to Rena Wing, a behavioral scientist at Brown University, those who have successful dieting partners lose twice as much weight than those who dieted on their own.

Try different activities. Often times, boredom leads to loss of motivation. Trying new activities keeps your interest peaked and prevent you from acclimating to the same routine. Beginning a new activity may also bust you out of a fitnessplateau. For instance, if you normally run, try swimming or biking.

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