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Posted: Monday, 04 November 2013 7:23AM

Fredericksburg Woman Says GOP Misrepresented

Fredericksburg (WFVA)  -- A Fredericksburg woman is part of group statewide wanting to counter some of the election debate over abortion. Terry Beatley says while the women are pro-life, they think the abortion clinic debate misses the mark. "We've uploaded all the inspection reports by the health department and readers will be shocked at what they find," she said.  "Abortion is legal...we as women just believe it should be at the highest standard of a barbershop or a beauty salon."   Beatley says they've set up a website--womensickofstupidlies.com.  Democratic candidate for governor Terry McAuliffe said social issues are hurting the state.  "I trust women to make their own decisions about health care choices," he said.   "Everytime we move over and deviate on these social issues it hurts us on a global basis."