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Posted: Monday, 04 November 2013 7:17AM

One More Day Of Campaigning

It's the time in political campaigns where closing statements are made.   Republican Ken Cuccinelli says despite trailing in every poll, he's confident. Cuccinelli says people started paying attention later this year. "That's why you are seeing such a fast move in our direction because people are tuning in. The truth is our friend. The more they learn the better we do," he said.   Democrat Terry McAuliffe campaigned in Arlington yesterday with president Obama.   The president said, "When it comes to creating good jobs. When it comes to investing in education. When it comes to giving more Virginians the opportunities they deserve, Terry understands what folks are going thru.”  Cuccinelli has an afternoon stop in Culpeper.  McAuliffe campaigns in Northern Virginia with Vice President Biden.  Polls are open tomorrow from 6am to 7pm.