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Posted: Tuesday, 15 October 2013 7:32AM

Spotsy School Employees Could See A Bonus

Spotsy (WFVA)  -- The Spotsylvania School Board voted unanimously last night to give employees a one-time 900-dollar bonus. The money is coming from end of the fiscal year carryover funds.   Final approval must come from the Board of Supervisors.  Board Chairwoman Amanda Blalock says she hopes employees see that the school board does care and hear the pleas for more money. "It is not what we wanted," Blalock said.   "We want you to have the STEPS, we want you to have the COLA's. But this is what we could do."  Board member Dawn Shelly said she hopes staff knows "they are appreciated."   Shelly said the bonus is a "baby step" forward.  Schools Chief Financial Officer LeShawn Gaines says all off the carryover money is being used for the bonus.   Blalock said having the money available for the bonus was a surprise.    If supervisors approve, the money will go to school employees on December 20th.