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Posted: Tuesday, 10 September 2013 7:21AM

Budget Time Comes Early In Spotsy

Spotsylvania (WFVA)  -- The Spotsylvania School Board is beginning to discuss next year's budget.   School Board chairwoman Amanda Blalock and the chairman of the Board of Supervisors have already met to talk about it. "It’s a tough time but in the end we're going to be OK," Blalock said.  "I can assure you the thinkers and the heads are going to get together over the next few months and we're going to come out with the best decision for this school and this staff.  Blalock said the two boards are having on-going discussions about the budget.  Superintendent Dr. Scott Baker said he's looking at how to incorporate an employee pay raise into the next budget.   Even though the next budget won't be adopted for about 8 months, a schedule is in place and some board members are staking out positions on what must be included.  The Board of Supervisors has final say on school funding.