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Posted: Tuesday, 27 August 2013 9:48AM

Spotsy Teachers Group Calls For More Funding

Spotsylvania (WFVA)  -- The president of the Spotsylvania Education Association says it's time for the county to provide more money for schools. Peter Pfotenhauer told the school board last night, "A quality school division does not have to argue over whether they are going to spend money to reduce class sizes or increase employee salaries. If we are having that debate we have already lost because we have a critical need we will not be able to meet in the coming years."  Pfotenhauer said five years with no teacher pay raises are taking a toll.  He said many teachers are using their own money to provide supplies that the schools can no longer provide.  He said that is not a winning business model. Pfotenhauer said the blame lies with the county board of supervisors and the general assembly.