Incidents like the disappearing plane or sinking ferry...
  ...have helped me to decide to stay closer to home!
  ...have caused me to rethink some of my travel plans!
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Posted: Wednesday, 19 June 2013 3:32AM

Your Blood Needed Today!

Fredericksburg (WFVA)  -- You'll have a chance to donate blood today. Our sister station B101.5 is holding a "Bee A Donor and Save A Life" Blood Drive from 10-7 at the Fredericksburg Blood Donation Center at Southpointe. Tammy Berfield with the local Red Cross says not many of us donate. "When I started with the Red Cross 5% of the population donated," she said.  "In that time period that number has dropped to 3%."  Berfield said 97% of us will know someone, or ourselves need blood products.  She said most people say they don't give because of the needle.  "If you can tolerate a pinch on your arm, that's it.  It shouldn't hurt," Berfield said.    A pint of blood can save three lives.  Again, you can give blood today from 10-7 at the Fredericksburg Donor Center at Southpointe.