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Posted: Wednesday, 24 April 2013 7:16AM

Senator Warner Supports Internet Sales Tax Bill

DC (WFVA)  -- Virginia Senator Mark Warner said legislation allowing states to collect sales tax on Internet purchases will help level the playing field between Virginia's homegrown, bricks-and-mortar retailers and the big online and catalog retailers. Warner spoke on the Senate floor today in support of The Marketplace Fairness Act, which the Senate is expected to vote on later this week.    It would allow state and local governments to require large Internet retailers and other “remote sellers” with sales over $1 million a year to collect sales taxes and return them to the states and localities which enacted them. Virginia imposes a sales tax on online purchases, but compliance is largely voluntary. By some estimates, it's costing Virginia at least $200 million a year in sales taxes that are owed but which go uncollected. Governor McDonnell and the General Assembly want to use this new online sales tax revenue to help pay for transportation.