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Posted: Thursday, 19 September 2013 7:16AM

Candidates Talk Roads And Medicaid

Fredericksburg (WFVA)  -- The candidates in the 88th House of Delegates district debated last night at the University of Mary Washington.  Republican incumbent Mark Cole said he would continue to oppose Medicaid expansion in Virginia. Cole says he doesn't think Congress will be able to pay for it and the entire cost will eventually shift to Virginia. Democrat Kathleen O'Halloran said she supported the expansion. She said it would mean more health care jobs in Virginia and if the state declines the money, it will go to another state.  Cole said he voted against Governor McDonnell's transportation plan because it raises taxes. Cole said he worries that will impact the slow economic recovery.    O'Halloran said she would have supported the governor's plan.  O'Halloran said transportation is costing the area jobs and people free time.  The 88th District includes parts of the city, Stafford, Spotsylvania and Fauquier.